Monday, 24 March 2014

Random Words


A nice poem by my friend Nirmal…

Originally posted on NJSays:

I sit on a chair and begin to stare

At a sheet of white paper that’s totally bare

I’m trying to find the words to ink

I’m trying so hard I forget to blink

I jot down the pen and begin to connect

Letters, words to form a sentence

Slow and steady they begin to rhyme

As they do my eyes just shine

I’m forming a poem out of my mind

Not thinking, just writing what comes to mind

These letters, these words, these so few lines

I’ve written alone and they are mine

I’ll share them with you for you to read

Is it good or is it bad, is my only need

So read it and tell me just how you feel

Letting me know if I did a good deed

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